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How Celestial Alpaca Studios created out-of-this-world assets with Layer

Learn how this two-person indie studio was able to leverage Layer AI to build an effective asset production pipeline and launch their game Astro Panic into early access.
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About Celestial Alpaca Studios

Celestial Alpaca Studios is a small indie studio from Istanbul, Turkey founded by a team of 2 young ambitious developers with big dreams. 

The team's number one mission is to produce simple, fast and action-packed games that appeal to all age groups and to publish these games on various platforms such as PC and mobile devices.

The Celestial Alpaca Studios teamworking on Astro Panic

Adopting AI to reach orbit

The best thing about being a small indie studio? The agility to adopt the latest tools. By integrating AI tools into their workflow, Celestial Alpaca Studios was able to speed up asset production by 2-3x when compared to traditional workflows.

The adoption of Layer enabled Celestial Alpaca to streamline their game development pipeline significantly. This efficiency gain allowed the studio to successfully launch Astro Panic into early access within a tight two-month timeframe. Beyond initial development, the integration of AI unlocks new possibilities for game updates and live service content in the future. 

By using the latest AI technologies, we not only improve the visual and programming aspects of our games, but also minimize the game development process and costs. We were able to produce assets super-fast at least 2-3x faster and ship our game Astro Panic in early access in total of 2 months
Can Deniz Gumus, Co-founder of Celestial Alpaca Studios.

Creating compelling player progression with Layer

AI-powered Progression Systems

In Astro Panic, players must face waves of enemies and increasingly challenging bosses. The mission is to navigate your spaceship through enemies and bosses while unlocking new upgrades to increase your combat abilities. After each wave, players can upgrade their ship or unlock new ones - then face new unique enemies. While this progression system is great for replayability, it also required a ton of art for all the new ships, upgrades, and items.

By harnessing the power of Layer, the studio Celestial Alpaca was able to craft a strong pipeline of professional game assets, ranging from detailed spaceships to power ups and collectables. This streamlined pipeline not only accelerated development but also enabled the studio to maintain a high level of quality and polish.

This progression system ensures that each new game becomes a harder and more rewarding challenge. This offers the player a new experience in every game. We used Layer for all of these assets
Can Deniz Gumus, Co-founder of Celestial Alpaca Studios.
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