Layer AI for Enterprise
Professional AI asset creation for game studios.
Set your studio up for success with the only AI tools designed to support professional game development. Layer gives you the ability to scale production pipelines, live ops content, and user acquisition with copyright-complaint generative AI.
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Powerful features designed to solve real development challenges.
Create production-ready assets
Generate beautiful game assets using our copyright compliant model.
Empower your artists & designers
Give your internal art team next-gen tools that help scale their work.
Scale player-acquisition campaigns
Bring in new users with a limitless pipeline of high-quality marketing assets.
Bring game concepts to life in any art style
Make pre-production easy with the ability to quickly iterate images based on concepts.
Built for professional game studios to scale their teams.
Layer ensures company-wide safety and compliance with a high bar for privacy and security.
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Copyright Compliant and Privacy Safe
With foundational models such as BRIA AI, you can be confident that your work is copyright compliant.
Secure team access and onboarding
Deploy tools company-wide with SAML SSO, SCIM provisioning, domain capture, & network access controls.
Centralized organization and role management
Seamlessly manage users and billing across your company from a single secure dashboard.
Enterprise-level privacy and compliance
SOC II Compliant private asset generation, audit logs, and compliance features.
The first truly SOC compliant and data-secure solution for game studios.
Layer is the world’s first SOC 2 compliant gaming gen AI provider. Designed to securely process and store data at the highest levels, our platform is the ideal choice for large-scale organizations. This means that not only is your data secure and confidential, we’re passed the checkpoints to ensure it’s accurate and accessible when needed.
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Built by industry veterans. Trusted by game studios worldwide.
Layer supercharged Tripledot's art creation, tripling our production speed and elevating quality.
By reducing our reliance on outsourcing studios, we've not only saved significant costs but also brought the magic of art production in-house. We're incredibly excited about this technology and eagerly await further updates.
Andriy Matviychuk
Tripledot Studios
Layer's contribution to our art pipeline has been tremendous. We're able to produce assets for our games in half the time it used to before. It also multiply our abilities to think creativity by providing a few variations to choose from achieve outputs we couldn't think about before.
Samet Soylemez
Apps Teknoloji
We were looking for a user-friendly solution that could easily onboard the team for generative AI pipeline integration. Layer was our choice due to the best user experience. It allowed us to speed up production of our merge games and save a lot of resource.
Tatjana Kondratyeva
Playpack Games
At a high level, our creative process starts with sketching, continues with draft coloring, and lasts with final coloring. Normally, we are producing one level for our game in 15 days. With the help of Layer, we decreased this time to 5 days.
Bulut Korzay
Fortune Mine Games
Layer has been a game changer for our art pipeline! We can now quickly and easily generate concept arts in seconds. It’s really saved us a lot of time and effort.
Cumhur Onat
We're 240% more productive thanks to Layer. For a company like us who is focused on Merge-3 games like Merge Park, Layer has helped multiply our art libraries and production powers.
Yagiz Gur
Games United
Bring the power of AI to your studio the right way with Layer